Experts in player analysis and development processe

Discover how Firmament Sports is revolutionizing soccer development with cutting-edge technology and personalized player plans.

At Firmament Sports, we believe in achieving the impossible. We’ve created an all-encompassing ecosystem that allows players to develop their soccer skills to levels they never imagined possible.

This success is thanks to our dedicated innovation and development department, which meticulously oversees every detail. We conduct comprehensive analyses to understand each player, assessing all aspects of soccer development—tactical, physical, technical, and mental. This enables us to design personalized plans that may include the following phases:

– Physical events: Tournaments, Showcases, Age Group Selections

– Online monitoring

– Nutritional plans

– Physical plans

– New technologies

– And many more…

The most important aspect of our ecosystem is that it has no definitive beginning or end. It’s about creating a continuous journey where every step makes sense, setting both short-term and long-term goals that give meaning to the entire process.

New technologies, or Sportech, such as Catapult Sports, simplify this process. By partnering with Sportech companies, we can conduct highly detailed sports analyses. This precision allows us to tailor our approach to meet the unique needs of every player at Firmament Sports.

Catapult Sports exemplifies this approach. Using vests equipped with GPS devices, we receive detailed reports that help us develop specific plans based on the gathered data.

Join us in this innovative journey and see how we can help you achieve soccer excellence.